Raving about Farmstays!

>I know it’s been a while since my last blog – and that’s just not really how they are supposed to work, but I’ve really had nothing much to say.

But now….

I need to rave about Farmstays – we have just returned from Kyneton (only an hour from Melbourne now) – the place we stayed at was http://www.laurimarglenfarmstay.com.au/

Our hosts were Janet and Eric – that and paddocks full of llamas, deer ( couple of different types) an alpaca or two – some stags. Did I mention cows, pigs, donkeys, goats and chickens too.

Every day Farmer Eric let us help out with the feeding and general well being of the animals – Tessa loved collecting the eggs and feeding the alapaca and llamas from her hand.

For me the highlight was a pig who we were told was pregnant – next lunchtime she had given birth to 12 piglets and was just giving them their first feed – 1 hour old piglets are just so cute!

So in summary…

If you’ve got kids, probably older than 18 months old, or you really like animals maybe you should check out a farmstay.

I’m sure Eric and Janet would be pleased to see you.