Quiz Questions for w/e 25th January

Happy Australia Day everyone.

1. Which 1980 movie does IMDB describe as “An emotionally self-destructive boxer’s journey through life, as the violence and temper that leads him to the top in the ring, destroys his life outside it.”?
2. What is the chemical symbol for the element Manganese?
3. What superstar musician, was born on 8th Jan 1947 as David Robert Jones?
4. Which country has the larger population Bangladesh or Nigeria?
5. Belmopan is the capital of which country?

6. Which of the Wiggles had a problem staying awake?
7. Sheet bend, figure of eight and bowline are all types of what?
8. Which tv show starring Tina Fey & Alec Baldwin was loosely based on Fey’s time as a writer on Saturday Night Live?
9. Which sport has a maximum score of 300?
10. On 25th January 1996 Bill Bailey became the last person in the US to be executed by which method?

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