Quiz Questions for w/e 22nd March

Hi everyone – I hope you are all well.
Welcome to another 10 questions:

1. Which yet to be released 2013 animated movie is described by IMDB as “The world’s very first prehistoric family goes on a road trip to an uncharted and fantastical world.”?
2. What is the chemical element with the symbol – He?
3. What were the names of the two disagreeable Muppets that acted as theatre critics, sitting in a theatre box and heckling?
4. Can you put the top 3 African countries (by population) in order, largest to smaller?
a) Egypt b) Ethiopia c) Nigeria
5. Who is the author of the Twilight series of books?

6. Which European country is suffering some bank problems this week and almost taxed depositors ~7%?
7. What is the capital of Switzerland?
8. Which track and field event has competitors running 12.5 laps of the track?
9. Which is the only muscle in the body which is attached at just one end?
10. Born on 22nd March 1976, which American actress was the star of “Legally Blonde” & “Sweet Home Alabama”?

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