Quiz Questions for w/e 8th March

Hi everyone, hope you are all well.

1. Which 1985 movie is described by IMDB as “A teenager is accidentally sent 30 years into the past in a time-traveling DeLorean invented by his friend, Dr. Emmett Brown, and must make sure his high-school-age parents unite in order to save his own existence.”?
2. What is the element with the symbol Fe?
3. How do we better know the singer Marvin Lee Aday ?
4. The following are the top 5 Asia-Pacific countries according to their gross domestic product – can you rank then largest to smallest?
a) Australia b) China c) Indonesia d) Japan e) South Korea
5. Which tv show had working titles of The Flagstones and also The Gladstones?

6. The president of Venezuela died this week – what was his name?
7. Follow up question: What is the capital of Venezuela?
8. What is a “Fosbury Flop”?
9. Canberra was established on 12th March , but what year:
a) 1901 b) 1910 c) 1913 d) 1918?
10. On 8th March 1978 The first radio episode of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was transmitted on BBC Radio 4 – who wrote it?

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