Quiz Questions for w/e 20th September

Hello – are you ready for 10 more questions?

Thought so!

[Q1.] According to IMDB which 1998 movie is described as “An insurance salesman/adjuster discovers his entire life is actually a TV show.”?

[Q2.] Which greenhouse gas has the chemical equation CH4?

[Q3.] Which 1980’s song (and one of my all time favourites) has the following opening lines?

Sometimes I feel I’ve got to run away

I’ve got to get away

From the pain you drive into the heart of me.

The love we share seems to go nowhere

And I’ve lost my light for I toss and turn – I can’t sleep at night.

Once I ran to you

now I’ll run from you

[Q4.] The following are African cities, can you arrange them from largest population to smallest ?

a) Addis Ababa b) Cairo c) Cape Town d) Nairobi

[Q5.] Which countries are the 8 of the G8?

[Q6.] Who wrote “War and Peace”?

[Q7.] Frasier, the 1990’s TV show had Frasier & Niles – what was their surname?

[Q8.] Which sport has terms; Compound-Riposte, lunge, parry?

[Q9.] Costing a staggering $200 billion a gram, which deadly poison is regularly sold as a beauty treatment, and has a name based on the latin for sausage?

[Q10.] On 20th September 2011 the United States ends its “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy – what did this change of policy allow?

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