Quiz Questions for w/e 11th October

Can it be Thursday night already – better get on with the quiz questions then.

[Q1.] Which actor starred in the following movies;
Last of The Mohicans, My Left Foot, and Lincoln?

[Q2.] What chemical element has the symbol Fe?

[Q3.] Which huge hit of the 1980s has the following opening verse?

It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark

Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart

You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it

You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes,

You’re paralyzed

[Q4.] The APEC summit concluded this week – where was it held?

[Q5.] In the UK, Canada and New Zealand we have a Prime Minister what is the title of the equivalent in Germany (the position held by Angela Merkel)?

[Q6.] Which author wrote the Wishing Chair series of books and the stories of The Magic Faraway Tree?

[Q7.] Which TV show, followed the medical personnel and patients in the emergency room of Chicago’s fictional County General Hospital and was created by best-selling author Michael Crichton?

[Q8.] What is the nickname of the New Zealand netball team?

[Q9.] In medical terms, what does MS stand for?

[Q10.] The 9th October is Leif Erikson day, celebrating the Norse adventurer who is believed to be the first to European to set foot in which continent?

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