Quiz Questions for w/e 1st August

Well after a fantastic 10 days on the Gold Coast I am back to windy and rainy Melbourne and another quiz.

In case anyone wants a recommendation of a great place to stay on the Gold Coast – try The Breakers.

[Q1.] Which 2013 animated movie is now the 5th highest grossing film of all-time?

[Q2.] Which Italian physicist, mathematician, engineer, astronomer, and philosopher was convicted of heresy for his championing of heliocentrism?

[Q3.] Which band had hits with; “Hungry Like the wolf”, “The Wild Boys” and “Save a Prayer”?

[Q4.] What country has the capital Oslo?

[Q5.] In literature, how do we better know Julian, Dick, Anne and Georgina (George) – and their dog Timmy?

[Q6.] Which word can mean ; to carry and also a large mammal of the family Ursidae?

[Q7.] Where will the 2018 Commonwealth Games be staged?

[Q8.] Which mythological character died when he flew too close to the sun?

[Q9.] Where in the world is your baggage heading if it is tagged for ATH?

[Q10.] On 1st August 1981 MTV begins broadcasting – what was the first video they aired?


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