Quiz Questions for w/e 28th November

It’s really quite frightening how fast this year is flying by.

[Q1.] Which animation studio was behind all of the following hits; Monsters, Inc , Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and Cars?

[Q2.] Who wrote the novel Catch-22?

[Q3.] Which 1977 song had the following lines?

On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair
Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air
Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
I had to stop for the night
There she stood in the doorway;
I heard the mission bell
And I was thinking to myself,
“This could be Heaven or this could be Hell”
Then she lit up a candle and she showed me the way
There were voices down the corridor,
I thought I heard them say…


[Q4.] What country has this flag?

[Q5.] With which British University are the following famous colleges associated; Jesus College, Brasenose College and Corpus Christi College?

[Q6.] What is the capital of Paraguay?

[Q7.] U.S President George Washington appears on which US banknote, is it the $1, $5 or the $10?

[Q8.] Which one word can mean a stamp or a marine mammal?

[Q9.] What is the sixth planet from the Sun?

[Q10.] 28th November 1991,  South Ossetia declares independence from which nation?


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