Quiz Questions for w/e 13th February

Valentine’s Day this Saturday – don’t forget!!

[Q1.] The 2005 Star Wars movie Episode III had what title?

[Q2.] Someone described as a polyglot has what ability?

[Q3.] Which 1985 song has the following opening verse?

Nobody on the road,
Nobody on the beach.
I feel it in the air,
The summer’s out of reach.
Empty lake, empty streets,
The sun goes down alone.
I’m driving by your house
Don’t know you’re not home.

[Q4.] What European principality has this flag?

[Q5.] Which author, born in 1947, has written under the pen names Richard Bachman and John Swithen, as well as his own name?

[Q6.] Port Vila is the capital of which country?

[Q7.] Which of these teams is NOT playing in the upcoming ICC World Cup of Cricket ?
a) Afghanistan b) Canada c) Ireland d) United Arab Emirates

[Q8.] What is the currency of Sweden?

[Q9.] What one word can mean; only, a part of a foot and a type of fish?

[Q10.] On 13th February 2000 one day after the death of Charles M Schulz the last original cartoon in what strip was published?

And if you are still reading and fancy a laugh – have a look at Spurious Correlations


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