Quiz Questions for w/e 20th February

I moved house this week, so am a little disorganised this evening.

[Q1.] In the 2014 movie Imitation Game what real life character does Benedict Cumberbatch play?

[Q2.] What year in the 1980’s did the Chernobyl disaster occur?

[Q3.] Which 1984 song has the following opening verse?

Layin’ in the after glow
I only want to learn what you know
But now you’re leavin’
How many hearts must you break
And how many calls must I make

But now you’re leavin’
In this world all that I choose has come unbearable
But love is in your touch
Ooh, it’s killing me so much

[Q4.] What European nation has this flag?

[Q5.] Which author wrote “American Gods” and “Neverwhere”?

[Q6.] Abuja is the capital of which country?

[Q7.] What does the E stand for in OPEC?

[Q8.] What where the names of the wives of John Lennon?

[Q9.] Who was the leader of the first successful expedition to the South pole?

[Q10.] On 20th February 1816 the opera The Barber of Seville premiered in Rome, who wrote the opera?


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