Quiz Questions for w/e 6th February

Here are another 10 questions to try.

[Q1.] Which 1959 movie starring  Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon is described by IMDB as “When two musicians witness a mob hit, they flee the state in an all female band disguised as women, but further complications set in.”?

[Q2.] Much in the news this week, who wrote “To Kill A Mockingbird”?

[Q3.] Which 1983 hit song has the following opening verses?

First when there’s nothing
But a slow glowing dream
That your fear seems to hide
Deep inside your mind

All alone, I have cried
Silent tears full of pride
In a world made of steel
Made of stone

[Q4.] What European country has this flag?

[Q5.] What is JRR Tolkien’s first name?

[Q6.] Bujumbura is the capital of which country?

[Q7.] Who won 4 gold medals in the 1936 Summer Olympics ?

[Q8.] What is the currency of Turkey?

[Q9.] What animal can collectively be known as a troop, a band or a whoop?

[Q10.] On 6th February 1958 which English football team tragically lost 8 players in the Munich air disaster?


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