Quiz Questions for w/e 30th April

Hello everyone – hope you are doing well.

[Q1.] From which movie is the following still taken ?

[Q2.] Who is the Premier of New South Wales?

[Q3.] Which 1985 Phil Collins song has the following opening verse?

Take that look of worry
I’m an ordinary man
They don’t tell me nothing
So I find out what I can
There’s a fire that’s been burning
Right outside my door
I can’t see but I feel it
And it helps to keep me warm
So I, I don’t mind
No I, I don’t mind

[Q4.] What rank in the Australian Army has the following insignia?

[Q5.] Cabo da Roca is the westernmost point of mainland Europe – in which country?

[Q6.] What anniversary is celebrated after 60 years of marriage?

[Q7.] If ducks quack and cats meow – what do turkeys do?

[Q8.] Who is Andre Agassi married to ?

[Q9.] According to the Bible what is the name of the battle that marks the end of the World?

[Q10.] On 1st May 1994 which 3 time F1 world champion was killed during the San Marino Grand Prix?


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