Quiz Questions 2nd March 2018

Beginning of autumn deserves a quiz.

I know the quizzes have been a bit sporadic of late – life seems to be getting in the way of quiz setting.

[Q1.] Name the actor and the character

[Q2.] Rabat is the capital of which country?

[Q3.] What 1980 song had the following lyrics and who was the band?

Naughty boys in nasty schools
Headmasters breaking all the rules
Having fun and playing fools
Smashing up the woodwork tools
All the teachers in the pub
Passing ’round the ready-rub
Trying not to think of when
The lunch-time bell will ring again

[Q4.] What colour is common to both the German and US flags?

[Q5.] What is the currency of Finland?

[Q6.] What car brand is associated with this logo?

[Q7.] Around which planet is the moon Titania in orbit?

[Q8.] Who is this sports person?


[Q9.] The Winter Olympics have completed – where will they be held next ?

[Q10.] On 2nd March 2017 3 new elements were added to the periodic table –¬†Moscovium,¬†Tennessine, and¬†Oganesson – what are the first 2 named after?


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