IE8 – Loadrunner 9.52 – Crashes & DEP

So at my new place of work I’ve just got admin rights to my PC.

I was desperate to get on with things so I installed LoadRunner 9.5 ->9.51 and finally 9.52.

I rebooted and ….

Well that’s when it all went south. ¬†When I tried to record IE8 (yes here it comes) in VUGEN – I kept getting DEP problems & either no records or crashing.

I tried disabling DEP for Run DLL as APP – but to no avail.

FInally after much Googling (where would we be without you Google!) – I discovered Martin Spier’s had written up this exact problem. (

You need to hack the c:\boot.ini to explicitly make /noexecute=alwaysoff

Many thanks to Google and Martin Spier’s for this timely fix!