Quiz Questions – 26th August

Quiz Time Again

Here we go again, another 10 trivia(l) quiz questions for you.

[Q1.] From which 1985 movie is this shot taken?

[Q2.] If you were in Port Vila which country would you be in?

[Q3.] Which 1966 & 1979 song has these lines in it?

I don’t want to lose you, this good thing
That I got ’cause if I do
I will surely
Surely lose a lot
‘Cause your love is better
Than any love I know

It’s like thunder, lightning
The way you love me is frightening

[Q4.] Which two bodies of water does the Panama Canal join?

[Q5.] What is the longest river in Germany ?

[Q6.] In which part of London do the Wombles live?

[Q7.] Who is this Australian Rio gold medallist?

[Q8.] In Cockney rhyming slang what are your plates of meat?

[Q9.] From which country does Kefalograviera cheese hail?

[Q10.] On 26th August 2011 Boeing’s newest airliner received certification from EASA and the FAA – what model plane was this?


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